To Do List

The plan is, this will be somewhere  I can manage my insane laundry list of projects, and hopefully be linking to them as they’re getting done and such so you can follow along as well. That’s the plan.

I wrote this a couple weeks ago and have since realized it’s STILL incomplete but here’s a start. These are the things I’ve promised to make, started to make, or bought fabric for.

Ky’s Clothes:
1. Amazing smock of gold smocking goodness. Back panel is finished. Front panel is mostly finished. Left to do are shoulders and wrists.
2. Braes. Pattern and fabric available, otherwise not started.
3. German gown. Rough design in mind, fabric available, otherwise not started.
4. French gown. Fabric available, not designed.
5. Other things yet to be determined. Obviously not started.
These items don’t have a specific deadline, but are a priority on the basis that she needs clothes and pre-paid for the work a while ago.

Lorenzo’s Clothes:
6. Black tunic. Nearly finished.
7. Brown tunic. Half-assembled.
8. Crenelated hood. Needs a front panel added and front edge finished, otherwise finished.
9. Tiger bag. Cut out, motif designed, outline partially stitched.
10. Braes. Need to re-pattern based on new measurements. Need new measurements.
11. Burgundy hosen. Not started.
12. Green hosen. Not started.
These items don’t have a specific deadline, but are a priority on the basis that he needs clothes and pre-paid for the work a while ago.

Fealty Items:
13. Jamal’s Coronet. Nearly finished. The felting has been damaged a little and needs to be fixed, and the laurel needs to be finished. The wool thread I was embroidering with is MIA, but I’ve found a cotton which is similar. If I can’t find the rest of the wool I may have to switch over, but I’m afraid the texture difference may be too obvious. In any case, once the wreath is finished all that’s left is final construction seams around the top and bottom.
14. Mary’s Thing. Mary’s thing has been started, but has a long way to go. I can’t remember if Mary reads my blog, and I want her thing to be a surprise, so you guys unfortunately don’t get to read about it until it’s done.
15. Lineage Belt. Needs to be re-dyed and painted.
These items need to be finished by Valentine’s Day

Family Items:
16. Aelfhild’s cloak. Not started.
17. Sven’s cloak. Not started.
18. Sven’s fighting houppelande. Some fabric available, general design in mind, otherwise not started.
19. Aelfhild’s Christmas Garb. Have fabric.
20. Sven’s Christmas Garb. Have fabric.
21. MY Christmas Garb. Have fabric.
22. Sven’s Landsknecht. Not started.
23. Christina’s German gown. Not started.
24. My skinny squire belt. Leather cut and punched, hardware available, needs to be tooled, dyed, and riveted, and more holes added because I foolishly measured with a mundane shirt on rather than two cotehardies, which is how I’ll actually wear it. Also need to finalize the design for the tooling, because, well… that happens first.
25. My fealty mantle. Wearable. Needs a tiny bit of detail correction.
26. My heraldic cotehardie. Some fabric available, playing with designs.
27. My black surcote. Partially finished.
Christmas garb needs to be finished before December 14th. I’d really like to have my fealty mantle, skinny squire belt, and heraldic cotehardie all put together for the fealty stuff. The rest of it is like… eh, sooner is better, but really we need it before next GWW.

Kingdom Stuff.
28. Inspirational Equality Badges


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