Plaid Dance Skirt

This is a just-a-quick-thing that’s already turned into a nightmare.

I wanted to make myself a practice skirt for my new ballet class, but, well, I have 50-inch hips. One size does not fit me. But while I’m going to the trouble, I thought, why not make something that really stands out? Skip the pastel blur and choose a fabric that’s as excited to be in dance class as I will be? I was thinking peacock feathers.

I got to the fabric store and there was a huge expanse of silky sheers, all waiting to be transformed into swishy dance skirts.

And to a bolt, every one in pastel blur.

I came home with this:

plaid lump

Sheer, silky… plaid. Who can resist something so unexpected? Obviously not me.

I decided that a wrap skirt giving the impression of flower petals would look weird as hell in plaid, so I’d just use the selvage edge as the hem to save myself the work of hemming, and pleat the top like a schoolgirl skirt. SO cute.

The laurels are already laughing.

What I failed to account for, because I so rarely work with sheers, is that sheers are demonic.

I know what you’re thinking. Lady Cecilia (see how polite you are), that’s very superstitious. Surely you don’t think your fabric is possessed of demons. Well, dear reader, just you try and pleat this stuff.

Sadly it’s already cut, so I’m stuck pleating. I’m about a third of the way round my body at this point, but each pleat takes seven calendar years, and I need to be done in three weeks. Alternately, it’ll live in a pile on my desk for three weeks and I’ll dance in yoga pants like I did last year.


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