14th Century Garb for Lorenzo

I’m not sure why this doesn’t already have a page, because I’ve been working on it for a ridiculous amount of time. Seriously, an embarrassingly long time.

I’m making Lorenzo a collection of 14th century garb and accessories. The list is:hem

A long brown tunic which is currently nearly done. It’s of a lightweight linen and I’m doing French seams allover because this thing is going to survive the apocalypse. It needs to have one more construction seam done and then it’s just hemming, finishing, and adding buttons. I think  I also want to do an interfacing at the collar but I’m not sure how much of the fabric I have left, so I’m kind of hoping I don’t actually want that.

Update August 4:
I’ve finished all the construction seams and I’ve hand-finished one sleeve including the hemming. I’ve also finished most of the second sleeve, but then I had to help put together the new Ikea bed, and that ate the rest of my time for the evening. What’s left is the front bit and the hem, and maybe half of one wrist. And buttons, but I might decide not to do buttons on this one. I guess I’ll have to decide whether to do buttons too.

Update August 7:
Almost done! The finishing on the last seam, the sleeves, and the neckline are all done. The neckline has a light blue contrast stitch. I’ve also done a little over a quarter of the hem, by hand. I’ll be totally done soon!

Update August 8:
So close. The hem needs to be done over, because it’s too inconsistent for me to accept. But it looks great otherwise. Here’s the detailing at the neckline. Just a running stitch of light blue to make things interesting.

LORENZONECKUpdate September 19:
Brown tunic is done and delivered! I’ll try to get a photo of Lorenzo in his new togs soon, but the handoff was in a park in the evening, so the lighting was not in my favor.

A short black tunic which is cut and partially constructed. I actually mostly made this in one copy already, but it turned out that Lorenzo had gained weight while I was working on it, and we decided to start fresh rather than piece in more bits.

A short red tunic which Lorenzo doesn’t know about because it is a gift on account of my lateness.

Update August 4:
I’m bad at surprises and I told Lorenzo about this.

Update September 19:
Done! This is another quickie cell phone shot of the final product. This one is shorter but longer than you’d expect from the photo. It’s made to be loose and comfy. The neckline is hand-finished in red, so it’s less interesting than the brown one, but I did a really awesome job on the corners at the keyhole neckline. I mean, these are some crisp corners. I’ll get a picture soon.


Two pairs of brais (boxer shorts) of white linen.

Two pairs of hosen in different colors, I believe burgundy and forest green.

A shoulder bag made of cream wool and lined in dark blue cotton, the front embroidered with two tigers in reference to Lorenzo’s armory.

I’ve been working on these for much, much too long and want to get them finished. I’ve also been rather overwhelmed with school of late and haven’t been doing much in the way of anything else.


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