Wool Coronet for Sir Jamal

I’m thinking about adjusting the format in general to have one post for a project, with updates on that project all in one place, rather than just having posts categorized to the project. This is what that would look like. Please leave comments!

Nov 25, 2012

I happened to be there as Duchess Mora was asked about wool felt coronets like hers. Her apprentice made this one, but she cannot make them anymore. It seems to be simple applique (this is layers of wool felt and trim), which is well within my abilities, so I offered. Mora explained that to her understanding they’re popular throughout SCA period across the middle east.


Rather than jump into Fionna’s coronet flat-footed, I decided to play with the concept with some of what I’ve got here, and make sure this is as straightforward as it appears. So I’m going to be making a baronial coronet for Sir Jamal using elements of his heraldry. The design I’ve sent him looks like this:


This is specifically the center front panel, with the idea being to have six total panels, with a continuous laurel pattern along the bottom (since Jamal is a laurel as well) and gold eagles (appliqued) against blue. I’m back and forth about whether the laurels should be in gold or green, but either way I’m thinking a couched yarn outline would be sufficient. The eagles would also require a bit more detail. The border around the outside will be deep red. I’m thinking the top edge might be edged in small pearls, with large pearls at the points (although that would add some weight to the points, so stability would be in question there). I’m not sure if I have all the fabric I’d need, so that’s the next question.

This is more colors than I typically go for, but all the Persian ANYTHINGS I find that are even vaguely decorated are decorated in ALL the colors. Bright, vibrant rainbows of color. So it’s appropriate, even if it’s not to my taste.

Dec 4, 2012

Rather than applique the charges on the blue panels, I’ve learned needle felting, and I’ve been doing that. I finished the last of the needle felting today. I’m 90% sure I’ll put one of the eagle sections in front, but I haven’t totally decided.

I made a video of the needle felting process, which took forever because my video computer is the one that died, and I had to try to find another program to use… well, it said it was free, and then three hours later when my video was done it said it was going to have a watermark unless I paid a bunch of money for the pro version. I was ALMOST annoyed enough to start over in a new program, but it was three am, and I gave up. Anyway, here’s me needle felting. I may make more videos in the future, but certainly not with this crappy program.

The next step is wet felting, which I’ll probably do tonight after fighter practice. This will cement the roving in place. Then the birdies will get some detail work, and the blue can be affixed to the red base, which also needs laurels. Then I have to decide whether I need buckram, and then make a decision about lining. If I need buckram, I definitely need lining, but I’m not sure if I’ll do that in the same red wool or a linen for more comfortable wear. I know a woolen hat would make me a sad panda, but I can’t stand wool against my skin, and I know I’m unusually pansyish about it.

I’ve officially told Jamal his coronet will be ready for him at Starkhafn Yule, which means I have 12 days to finish it. NO problem. I can’t wait to give it to him.

Off I go to fighter practice!

Dec 6, 2012

Today I did the wet felting to lock the needle felt pattern in place, and then started on the embroidered details on the eagle wings. And then I decided I hated it and carefully pulled it out without mangling the felt, and then tried again, and hated that, and I’m on my third or fourth try and so far it’s ok I guess.

I want it to not suck, and I’m getting a little nervous.

What I know for sure is that it’s too late tonight to keep working on it, and I’ll have to come back tomorrow and try again.

Dec 7, 2012

I have attempted and re-attempted wing detail on these damned eagles five times. Five. I know I’m a perfectionist, but this is annoying even for me.

kind of like how it looks. It’s certainly the best so far, but it’s… ok._MG_0001

Feb 3, 2014

Sorry for the long delay! I contracted pneumonia over the holidays and everything’s been kind of crazy as I make up for lost time.

The coronet needs to be done by the end of this week, so that’s the obvious first task. I was hoping to also have a new cotehardie for myself, but that’s not happening.


Today I finished the first half of the laurel wreath. Left to do is the second half, some repair to the felting on the eagles (particularly the center-front pair, sadly), and finishing stitching on the lining. Then it’s done!

Feb 5th
About an hour of work today resulted in two more inches of laurel wreath. As it turns out, the seam does not actually go in the back which means I put the join in the wrong place, and also that NOW I’m halfway done.

Feb 8th
I did maybe another hour and a half today, and about two hours yesterday.

Left to do in 7 days:

  1. The other half of the embroidery (~3 hours)
  2. Repairs to felting (~1 hour)
  3. Construction seams (not sure)

I seem to be on schedule kind of?

Feb 15

Hamal Hat 2

Feb 15th the piece was finished, but I just got the finished photos today. This piece took a lot of work but it’s absolutely beautiful. I did a pretty typical seam along the top edge (the uneven edge) and for the bottom edge, I folded the cut ends inward and did a whipstitch along the folded edges. I also basically quilted along the boundaries of the appliques–this gave the piece the PERFECT amount of structure without any kind of wiring or even interface. This coronet stands up to its own weight, folds up for ease of transport, and looks fabulous. Oh, and it’s period. So I’m pleased. Above is the piece on Feb 14th, SO close to being done. Below is the finished piece as worn.

Jamal Hat


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