Disney Gowns: Design




Next winter I’ll be attending a Disney-themed SCA event with the household, and we’ve already started talking characters because we are crazy people.

Okay, that’s unfair. It’s just me that’s crazy.

Anyway, Elf will be wearing Aurora’s blue gown, as drawn through the lens of 1510 Hapsburg. The blue houppelande will be accented with white rabbit fur, worn over a white silk smock with a band of blackwork embroidery depicting sweet woodland creatures.


I will be wearing the Queen of Hearts. Her costume was already very clearly Elizabethan so there wasn’t much to be done, but what there was is just delightful. I really like the idea of black wool for the gown, with silk, pearl, and citrine for the respective accents. The painted red roses are my favorite part, but really, I love the whole thing. I have no idea if this one is actually going to get made, but I really hope it is, because it’s gorgeous.


Update August 5

Since posting this, we went through a number of other designs. I need to find the Belle design I really liked, but we kept bouncing back to Anna and Elsa from Frozen, and that seems to be where we’ll end up. Specifically, Anna and Elsa from “Do You Want To Build A Snowman?”

Little Anna and Elsa go through a number of costumes, but they share some similar themes. Quick sketch, but colors are weird:

frozen vikings

Anna (left) has a moss green herringbone smokkr (known to American reenactors as an “apron dress”), with lighter green gores (maybe) and multi-colored seam treatments (definitely need some pink in there). Underneath, a white or maybe light tan base layer, also embroidered with a purple and green floral reminiscent of the hem of young Anna’s skirts in the film.

Elsa (right) wears a royal blue wool smokkr and matching shawl. The smokkr is embroidered with aqua snowflakes. Her undermost layer will also be made of a white-on-white snowflake print cotton because I found some.

I’m not 100% sure how well they’ll communicate their base characters, which worries me a little. But it’s fun drawing so many princesses.



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