Coronet Progress (Done!)


Feb 5th
About an hour of work today resulted in two more inches of laurel wreath. As it turns out, the seam does not actually go in the back which means I put the join in the wrong place, and also that NOW I’m halfway done.

Feb 8th
I did maybe another hour and a half today, and about two hours yesterday.

Left to do in 7 days:

  1. The other half of the embroidery (~3 hours)
  2. Repairs to felting (~1 hour)
  3. Construction seams (not sure)

I seem to be on schedule kind of?

As an aside, excuse the blurry update photo–I’m running off to fighter practice, and grabbed a quick cell shot.
Hamal Hat 2Feb 15th the piece was finished, but I just got the finished photos today. This piece took a lot of work but it’s absolutely beautiful. I did a pretty typical seam along the top edge (the uneven edge) and for the bottom edge, I folded the cut ends inward and did a whipstitch along the folded edges. I also basically quilted along the boundaries of the appliques–this gave the piece the PERFECT amount of structure without any kind of wiring or even interface. This coronet stands up to its own weight, folds up for ease of transport, and looks fabulous. Oh, and it’s period. So I’m pleased. Above is the piece on Feb 14th, SO close to being done. Below is the finished piece as worn.

Jamal Hat


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