Coronet Progress (12 days to go)


Sorry for the long delay! I contracted pneumonia over the holidays and everything’s been kind of crazy as I make up for lost time.

I still have a massive to-do list in terms of sewing and embroidery, and frequently there are whole days or weeks where I don’t touch my sewing projects. Today I made the resolution to catch up on my list by putting in at least one hour every day, even if that’s it, even if I have a ton of stuff going on. I have a lot happening, but there’s always at least an hour a day that I can decide what to do, and while I have all these projects due, I need to be deciding to do them.

The coronet needs to be done by the end of this week, so that’s the obvious first task. I was hoping to also have a new cotehardie for myself, but that’s not happening.

My first hour (or so) was today, and I finished the first half of the laurel wreath. Left to do is the second half, some repair to the felting on the eagles (particularly the center-front pair, sadly), and finishing stitching on the lining. Then it’s done!

The next task after this one will likely be finishing up largesse.


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