Casting and Cotehardies and Site Redesigns, Oh My!

First of all, I LOVE this new layout. The ability to scroll through so much of my blog visually, for me, is fantastic. I don’t know how often you guys are looking for an older post, but being able to scan thumbnails would have saved me a TON of time! It does mean I need to have pictures in every post. Gee, too bad!

Down to business! I got a shipment of beautiful linen today, to be made into Yule/Twelfth Night garb for the household. I have five yards of linen gauze for unmentionables and veils (finally! The new veil pins will have a purpose!), and eight glorious yards of sumptuous black medium-weight for a cotehardie for me and a houppelande for Sven. I also have an ill-fitting cotehardie of my own which will be reengineered to be an AElf cote. So that’ll be fun.

Yesterday I was over at Lady Rekon’s working on a button blank. We’re collaborating on developing three-part button molds with interchangeably face-plates so less stone (and work) are required to cast very different buttons of roughly the same size.


The mold blank is ready to carve. The thinner pieces will contain the shank (loop) on the back of the button, and there are three of the larger pieces for various designs. The REALLY big piece is just there to help the stone cool off faster. I took this right after we poured the pins, which are the silvery nipple-like protrusions in the stone. These pins go all the way through the thin bits and into either each other or the thick bit, and they’ll hold the mold together so I can get a cleaner pour. Although pour spouts are carved into one side so far, the blocks are thick enough to carve both sides, so theoretically this setup could serve me for as many as six different button designs. Of course, I’ll be starting a bit more modestly. But only because I have other plans.

We’ll be casting our own buttons for the Yule/12th Night outfits, but before I can do that I’ve got some kingdom tokens to cast. Pewter order went in today, so hopefully I can find some time to carve this weekend.


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