Lost Entries, Finished Mantle, Unfinished Projects

First of all, weird gap in entries. I know for sure I posted something last week, and I’m pretty solidly sure that I’ve posted since the start of summer break. Very odd. Things!

I finished my heraldic mantle! It looks like this:
mantleFrom left to right, the heraldry is the populace badge of the Barony of Starkhafn, where I found the SCA and with whom I still fight and often camp; the badge of Sir Jamal Damien Marcus, within a red belt symbolizing my impending squireship to him; a piece referencing the populace badge of Caid albeit in the wrong colors (blue and gold on white rather than the proper white on blue); the badge of Mistress Mary Verch Gwalter, within a belt of my colors, symbolizing both my fealty to her and my protectiveness of her as her fighter; and the populace badge of the Barony of Dreiburgen, where I now live. The text says “strike hard, serve well” in my persona’s native French, and I believe this is now my motto. I like it.

I finished the mantle last week at a crafters’ meeting, and wore it first this weekend at Dreiburgen Anniversary.

anniversaryWe’re playing Cards Against Society! You can play too. Facebook page of doom!

The post that disappeared from last week was a master list of all the things I still need to make. I will have to make this list again, but not tonight. It was something like 26 items long, and it still wasn’t really complete. I remembered additional things all week after posting it, and that made me sad.

Still, I finished a thing! More things soon.


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