Mantle of Fealty

During the summer I’ll be traveling in space as well as time, which means I don’t have access to most of my craft-related stuff, but also that I’m going to encounter several periods of jetlag and/or actual jet travel in which I really have nothing better to do than embroider things.

I had been working here and there on a dark blue (almost black) linen hood which I was stitching with roundels referencing my own arms and my Kingdom awards (I have a Harp Argent in bardic and in costuming, so I was doing one each to the outsides of my arms). My thought was that it would be a great thing to show off my skills, and that it would be a great way to look good while I am in an unfamiliar kingdom.

Naturally, I left it at home.

The night before my flight from LA to Tampa (by way of Detroit, naturally), I stayed with my knight and his wife, who gave me some heavy white linen and a sewing machine, and I made a new hood. I started the central motif on the first flight, and then lost my needle on the second so I wasn’t able to finish it, but I finished it the next day. The central motif is a reference to the Caidan populace badge.

caidFlanking the Caid badge are the badges of my soon-to-be Peers, enclosed in belts.

IMG_0405_MG_0408There is much more to be done, but what’s done so far is good.


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