Art Update

Being back in school, the time I usually have for blogging has been relegated to things like papers. I am still doing a ton of art stuff though! Right now I have a sky-high pile of garb commissions, and I’m also right in the middle of running a fundraiser for Locks of Love, for which I learned how to cast pewter and made these neato tokens:


The tokens are just over an inch in most any direction, lead-free pewter cast from a soapstone mold. I arrived at the workshop around 7:30 empty-handed and left with 50 tokens and a good mold around 1am.

The large shape of the braid were carved out via power tool, but the hairs at the bottom and the braid’s texturing were done by hand, largely with a pushpin.

These tokens will be gifted in appreciation for donations of 10″ or more of hair or $10. I haven’t collected any donations yet but I’ve had quite a few pledges, and I’m excited to be starting to actually collect this weekend, now that I have tokens!


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