Crown Paternosters

With travel, a new school semester, and getting ramped up for Caid’s Crown Tournament, I haven’t been doing a lot of artsy stuff. I did, however, create the above paternosters as gifts for certain individuals involved in the tournament.

The eight to the left feature black decades and gold spacers (my colors) with red and white tassels (Mary’s colors). These were created for the consorts of the fighters I might face. Since there were 16 fighters, I made one for each potential round. Seven were simply the decades and spacers. The final one was created with blue and white gauds to reference the colors of Mistress Eowyn Amberdrake, who is a fantastic lady and the consort to the knight I would have challenged had I not been second-to-last or he not claimed already. Although I did not end up with eight opponents, I gave the others to persons who had offered considerable support either to me personally or the political restructuring that allowed me to fight today. Naturally there could not have been enough beads nor time to create paternosters for everyone who supported either me or Inspirational Equality, but I was glad I got to recognize a few of them at least.

The two at the top right were created for Their Majesties, in thanks for their welcoming of Mary and I as potential heirs. It was my first Crown, so I was really, really excited and I wanted to give them a present.

The bottom right pair are Mary’s and mine. Mary’s is the third two-decade pearl one with gold and black tassels on both sides, and mine is the one with the flame, which is itself a token of my fealty to the Barony of Starkhafn.

I didn’t realize how uncommon consort tokens were when I decided to take the suggestion to do something like this, but I’m really glad I had something with which to acknowledge the teams with whom I was competing directly, and those who had supported me. I may not do paternosters my next Crown, but I think I’ll do *something* each time. More theatricality, more art. What’s not to love?


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