Bardic & Embroidery

At Gyldenholt Unbelted this past weekend I participated in the combat, the bardic, *and* the a&s display. I got to actually write documentation for the first time, which was easier than I expected.

My bardic piece was a short retelling of the Norse creation story from a 13th century perspective, retold as abstracted from the Prose Edda. I put it on YouTube!

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”; frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

The yellow tunic I made the night before after realizing that what I wear under my gambeson most of the time (a sports bra) would not be appropriate for court, nor for period performance. I’m planning to add an embroidered border with crosses moline and escallops. At some point.

My A&S display item was the pelican tunic I made for Mary’s son for her elevation. I apparently never posted a finished photo of it before (seriously, who writes this blog?) but there’s a bit of the design and how I did it here. It was the only thing in the Novice category (so chosen because it was my first major embroidery project) with documentation, so it ended up winning, but it’s a good piece and people liked it, so yay. I was originally going to do a bigger design and I may still.

Speaking of finished photos I never posted, my 12th Night outfit turned out looking like this:

The fall of the sleeves mostly worked, although I felt like I was adjusting a lot. The chemise was excellent, and the sleeves were mostly good, although I did have to repin the left one a couple times. I did get lots of compliments.

Last week I started designing my big 2015 Pentathlon project, and I tore out all the laurel embroidery from Jamal’s coronet because I realized I was never going to finish it if it kept sucking. I’m going to make a minor adjustment to the design and then I won’t hate the laurels anymore (hopefully).


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