Coronet Progress

Rather than applique the charges on the blue panels, I’ve learned needle felting, and I’ve been doing that. I finished the last of the needle felting today. Here are my lovely charges, and they’ll be alternated around the band. I’m 90% sure I’ll put one of the eagle sections in front, but I haven’t totally decided.

I made a video of the needle felting process, which took forever because my video computer is the one that died, and I had to try to find another program to use… well, it said it was free, and then three hours later when my video was done it said it was going to have a watermark unless I paid a bunch of money for the pro version. I was ALMOST annoyed enough to start over in a new program, but it was three am, and I gave up. Anyway, here’s me needle felting. I may make more videos in the future, but certainly not with this crappy program.

The next step is wet felting, which I’ll probably do tonight after fighter practice. This will cement the roving in place. Then the birdies will get some detail work, and the blue can be affixed to the red base, which also needs laurels. Then I have to decide whether I need buckram, and then make a decision about lining. If I need buckram, I definitely need lining, but I’m not sure if I’ll do that in the same red wool or a linen for more comfortable wear. I know a woolen hat would make me a sad panda, but I can’t stand wool against my skin, and I know I’m unusually pansyish about it.

I’ve officially told Jamal his coronet will be ready for him at Starkhafn Yule, which means I have 12 days to finish it. NO problem. I can’t wait to give it to him.

Off I go to fighter practice!


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