Cloth Coronets

I happened to be there as Duchess Mora was asked about wool felt coronets like hers. Her apprentice made this one, but she cannot make them anymore. It seems to be simple applique (this is layers of wool felt and trim), which is well within my abilities, so I offered. Mora explained that to her understanding they’re popular throughout SCA period across the middle east.

Rather than jump into Fionna’s coronet flat-footed, I decided to play with the concept with some of what I’ve got here, and make sure this is as straightforward as it appears. So I’m going to be making a baronial coronet for Sir Jamal using elements of his heraldry. The design I’ve sent him looks like this:

This is specifically the center front panel, with the idea being to have six total panels, with a continuous laurel pattern along the bottom (since Jamal is a laurel as well) and gold eagles (appliqued) against blue. I’m back and forth about whether the laurels should be in gold or green, but either way I’m thinking a couched yarn outline would be sufficient. The eagles would also require a bit more detail. The border around the outside will be deep red. I’m thinking the top edge might be edged in small pearls, with large pearls at the points (although that would add some weight to the points, so stability would be in question there). I’m not sure if I have all the fabric I’d need, so that’s the next question.

This is more colors than I typically go for, but all the Persian ANYTHINGS I find that are even vaguely decorated are decorated in ALL the colors. Bright, vibrant rainbows of color. So it’s appropriate, even if it’s not to my taste.


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