Buttons and Busy

It’s November, which means in addition to the other ridiculous self-imposed deadlines I face in a normal month, I also have a 1667-word-a-day NaNoWriMo output to worry about. I’m working on a retelling of Beauty and the Beast with a twist. I won’t say I’m WAY behind, but I’ll say there’s no twist yet. Because of how far behind I am. At the end of day 6, I was almost two full days behind. I’m actually feeling bad about the words I’m putting in this blog because I feel like I’m cheating on my NaNo word count. It’s making me crazy.

I’m also working here and there on actual SCA art stuff. I want to finish my pink cotehardie before Yule, and that’ll mean embroidery, so I’m making buttons. I started to make gold buttons and then didn’t like them, so I’m redoing them in pink. I can put gold on something else though. I had never done my own buttons before so I was a little nervous, but they’re dead simple.

The first step is to trace circles onto the button fabric. I used a colored pencil and the end of a spool of thread.

Cut around the circle, leaving a little extra. It’s not terribly vital that it’s even all the way around, although of course that’s a bonus. Then create a running stitch along the traced line.

Pull the thread, creating a bag, and tuck the ends into the bag you’ve created as you pull tight.

Pinch into a tight ball, and do a second running stitch to hold the scrunched ends snug together.

Then stitch across the remaining ends, pulling them together into a perfect ball. If needed, squish the button into a ball.

And that’s it! They come together pretty quickly, and when you stitch the sewn end of the button to your garment, it leaves you with a neat little ball.


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