Harp! And some photos!

At Dreiburgen Anniversary, their Majesties awarded me with a Harp Argent in costuming. It came as quite a surprise, but of course it was a very happy one. I was glad I actually wore one of my own creations that day, since I’d been considering wearing something I’d acquired secondhand.

This is finally a better photo of my grey cheater cotehardie, and my silly, silly hat. There are thirteen buttons on each sleeve, which is a little bit crazy. I’ve never put buttons on sleeves before, although I keep feeling bad for doing cheater sleeves. These, as it turns out, are way better than cheaters, because I can unbutton them when it’s warm and it keeps me a lot cooler.

Here is Master Cormac in his hood. I’m really very happy with how it turned out, and I love it with the chocolate gown. He wrapped the 9-yard liripipe around the hood, and the embroidered bands just happened to frame his face. I mean… I totally planned it that way. Totally.

Photos courtesy of http://www.levylens.com


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