In a Nyquil-Induced Fog

I have been exceedingly productive lately, but I haven’t been writing about it because I am a terrible person.

Master Cormac’s hood came out beautifully, and you can see it in this photo from a demo we did shortly after war:

You can also kind of see my hat of extreme silliness and the rest of my gray and gold outfit. You can see slightly more of it here:

What you can’t see is that both sides are laced up with the pumpkin embroidery and the sleeves have skull buttons and stitched button loops.

These completed, I’m working on a pouch for my tarot cards so I can put them on a belt and not have to worry about carrying them around. I’m also working on a hand-painted deck of cards for Scopa, and plotting embroidery for another bag as well. Once I finish the pouch, I’m thinking I’ll make some embroidered cup covers as a gift to the barony, and this entire list might be interrupted so I can throw together another cotehardie before anniversary this weekend.

And of course I have my Salome as well. So things are very much back to normal.



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