Oak Leaf Hood: 13 Days Left

Today I created templates for small and large oak leaves and created the first applique, the five-leaf cluster at the center front of the hood. I worked off and on over eight hours, but I’d say it was closer to four or five hours of actual work. I stitched the leaves first to each other and then started stitching them to the hood, and got all the way round one side and into the other. I’d say I satisfied my three-figure goal for the day.

Since the design for the hood assumed a full circle and the hood itself is NOT a full circle, I realize my estimate for the total number of figures is also off. I think a more accurate estimate will be 25 to 28, depending how I decide to do the center back. If I keep to three figures per day I’ll be finished substantially early, and will be able to do liripipe banding as well.

Today’s progress

In the context of the full hood, it seems like a pretty substantial start.


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