Oak Leaf Hood: 12 Days Left

Twelve days until the vigil, and I had an a pretty bad day and ended up pouring myself into work because you can’t do service and feel sad at the same time (true story). This meant that my evening did not suck, and I worked almost straight through a ten hour block. It was not my most focused and efficient work ever, but I fixed something that didn’t look quite right from what I did yesterday, did the other half of the center cluster, and added acorns and branch work on either side. That means I have seven figures of 25ish, and my goal for today was six. I’m slightly ahead of schedule. I also added a little more complication to the branches, which I think is really pretty.

I was originally planning to do a crosshatch gold texturing on the acorns but I ended up doing crosses instead, and I like it a lot. At a distance it just looks like dots, but up close you can see little offset rows of crosses. It’s easier than crosshatch too!

Day 2 progress:


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