Salome Reconstruction: pre-planning

I have recently been gifted with a bolt of bright pink linen, and I’ve been thinking for a couple weeks about what I should do with it. I went back to the Trappings of Salome which I wrote about months ago, because she’s always garbed beautifully, and sure enough I found something perfect.

This piece by Andrea Solari, completed in 1506, shows the always-lovely Salome with the severed head of John the Baptist (follow the link above for the full story if you don’t know why she’d have that).

I love the cut of this gown, and it’s pink already! So that’s awesome. It has beading AND embroidery, AND trim. And dags. I don’t have anything with dags.

Rather than pink and green, I’m going to use black in place of the green. I have an older gown of black linen that I’ve never once worn and which I’ve been thinking about cutting up and reusing anyway.

It looks like I’d need to make a matched chemise, since the chemise is trimmed in the same satiny trim as the bodice. I’ll do fake poofs on the gauntlets because they’re too much of a pain in the ass otherwise.

The lacing seems to go up to the brooch, which is a little confusing. I’m not sure why it would. I’m going to do some research and see if there are any other examples of that. The bodice also seems extremely low, but Salome is frequently exhibited very erotically, so that may be a caricature rather than a reflection of fashion. I’ll have to double-check that with other paintings of the same time.

The lacing seems to terminate just below the waist rather than going all the way down, which makes me wonder about fit. It would be a delicate thing discovering the point at which the widening toward my hips became wide enough to accommodate my shoulders without additional split. I’m thinking I might have the front lace be decorative and do real laces up the sides, so I can cut it a little smaller than would currently fit and be able to shrink into it.

Bodice and skirt would definitely be separate pieces, and taking in a skirt is fairly easy.


2 thoughts on “Salome Reconstruction: pre-planning

    • At first blush, but if it is, Salome has absolutely no breasts at all, as there’s no apparent bust above the corset. It’s possible, but since Solari tends toward high, round breasts when they’re not in a bodice, I don’t think that’s the case.

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