Coronation Progress

It’s been about two weeks since I started working on my pelican embroidery, and there’s another two weeks to go, during which I need to have finished the embroidery and also the construction for this tunic, another tunic, a cloak, and pants. It’s become clear that unless I significantly truncate my embroidery plans, Helgi will be embarrassingly underdressed for his mother’s elevation.

Original knotwork design going all the way around the neck hole

This is ok, because I was clever enough to start at the front and work symmetrically. Rather than take the two ends and continue them into a body with wings and feet, I can complete each side with another knot similar to the one in front, and it’ll look completely intentional. And then I can undo the knot and finish the intended pattern later.

Since there is a ton to do and not a ton of time to do it in, I think it’s certain that I’ll need to rework my plan. It’s not awesome, but it’s not the worst thing ever. If, for example, I’d tried to fully work one side and then the other, I’d have an assymetrical mess that wouldn’t even really be salvageable for the event, and that would be super embarrassing. Or if I’d started at the back and then had inexplicable bird feet hanging out on the back of Helgi’s tunic… that would also be a bit odd. This is not what I wanted, but it’s also not terrible, and there’s something to be said for that.


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