Anniversary/Flame Artisan

The weekend was very, very busy, and I’m still catching up on sleep.

Flame Artisan had only a few entrants, but a wide variety of A&S submissions. I ended up with the German gown displayed with the silk gauntlets but with one of the beaded gauntlets displayed as well. I also had a spiced Pomegranate cordial (keep reading for recipe), the finished illuminated page, my songbook, one of the blackworked cuffs I did before, and of course the dolls, which people seemed to really dig. Someone else also had dolls, but hers were plastic dolls which she dressed rather than cloth dolls. The greater detail of her larger dolls might have taken some of the thunder out of the 1/10th scale, but the lack of direct feedback from judges makes it hard to tell.

I mentioned to my friend that I would have really liked to have detailed scoring so I could see more clearly what the judges were looking for and she suggested that I compete in Pentathalon, where apparently they actually give details. Unfortunately the next Pentathalon will be NEXT spring, so I still have quite a wait.

In addition to the contest, I spent most of the weekend photographing for the Starkhafn photo fundraiser. I got a little over 400 photos, and I’m quite sure at least ten or twenty of them are really pretty good, but I’m waiting on Kingdom approval before they go public. I’ll post a link when I can. Spending time around equestrian made my heart ache. I miss riding.

Back from the event, I’ve started work on embroidery for one of the tunics for Mary’s eldest for her elevation. The embroidery is coming along very nicely.


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