Flame Artisan Dolls Complete

I’ve been totally remiss in updating, but real life has been unusually interesting lately. In any case, last night I finished my third doll for Flame Artisan and with everything else I need to do in the next thirteen days, I won’t have time to make any more. I will probably make a cote for my Viking doll, but it’ll depend on how much time I have.

Next step is documentation. The documentation for the Elizabethan doll was finished but I hadn’t been able to print it all out, and then my hard drive melted. So I’ll be doing documentation for that again, and new documentation for the other two dolls. I’m currently reading this article from Mistress Juana Isabella de Ramirez y Montoya on how to present proper documentation, because I’ve actually never documented anything before.

Today I’ll be working on my song book and, as my fingers get tired from writing, switching to working on documentation. I’m also planning to go for a walk at some point, and I’m planning very hard to forget that all my Skyrim saves were on the hard drive that died and I was a hundred hours in and about to get married. I’m trying to forget this so I don’t spend the whole day trying to make up for lost time.

After I get a more significant part of the songbook done I need to get started on my popup book, but I’m nervous that I won’t have enough time. That’ll be at LEAST a two-day project and possibly much longer.


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