Elizabethan Zodiac Doll Complete

Today I sat down and did the last six constellations on my overskirt. As I did I fondly remembered the finishing moments of the original, stuffed into the back of a jeep, stitching madly all the way to the parking lot. I finished AS we arrived. Amusingly, due to a lack of looming deadline it took me a little bit longer to make the mini than the full-size.

I have mixed feelings about the quality from one motif to the next, but that is accurate to the original, and I’ve already undone and redone several of these, so if I let myself get into perfectionist mode I know for a fact I’ll never get anything else done.

I’m really pleased with Aries and Leo, and with the spacing between constellations, especially since this was VERY roughly planned out. Huzzah for having superior spacial reasoning!

The next step is a little documentation packet, which will go with each doll or item. I’m thinking a cover page with my persona at the time, the event where I wore the outfit, the year, and the kingdom/barony hosting the event, and then maybe an image of the outfit or doll. I’m back and forth about that actually…

Inside, I’ll have some historical info on the outfit and the event for which I made it, the pattern I used, and what I’d change if I were to make it again (how I’d make it more period, etc). With most of them, it’ll be a pretty simple process, but the Elizabethan will be a bit of a beast, with info for each garment. Still, it’ll be good.


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