Starkhafn Festival of Feast & Song/End of Month Tourney

I drove out to Starkhafn Saturday afternoon thinking that if I arrived by 8pm I’d have a good three hours to hang out at the Festival of Feast & Song. Since I’m on a very strict diet I had no problem with missing the feast itself, and it seemed like a very good plan at the time.

I had a little trouble finding site, but was arrived, garbed, and in the door around 8:30. I said my hellos to everyone and was informed that I’d be going on after the next person. Cool!

And I was the last act.

Oh well. I did a bit about canons that went over very well, and I had people coming up to me the rest of the event and all through the tourney to thank me for bringing it in. I made it up in the car on the way over, so I’m a bit surprised it went THAT well, but I’m thrilled, and I’ll definitely be sharing it with Dreiburgen when I get a chance.

The end-of-month tourney was wonderful, although due to my limited stamina with the low-cal diet I ended up dropping out of the fight a few rounds in. I feel good about how I did, especially during the circumstances. I’ve lost enough weight that my armor fits comfortably again, and is back to that wonderful place where it doesn’t feel like I’m really wearing any other than my helm. Mistress Krysta really is a magician with leather, and wearing the kit ill-fitting for so long made me forget how wonderful it really is.

That said, I do need to finally shorten the forearms a bit. The edge of the leather was digging into my hand all day and my hands are not feeling great today. At the least I need to cut a notch on the thumb side, since that’s where it bugs.

After I got out of armor I took a few photos of closing court and pickups, which can be found here.

I don’t have any big costuming projects on the horizon right now, about which I have mixed feelings. I’m losing weight quickly which means I’m soon going to have to take in everything I want to keep wearing, modern and period, and I don’t want to start anything new until my weight stabilizes. When that happens, I’m going to be reassessing my torso armor, because I’m almost entirely sure I don’t want to use a gambeson anymore, but currently my gambeson has pockets that contain articulated hard leather plates for chest protection, and I DO want to keep having that around, so I need to design another mode of armor which allows me to use those without having to attach them to a parka. I have a couple ideas, and design concepts will be forthcoming.

My big A&S projects at the moment involve no sewing at all, but are rather research projects. I’m working on assembling information about period games that I can distill into an easy-to-share format like a PDF booklet or possibly even in print (gasp!); I’m also working on a timeline of same-sex partnerships in top-level authority in pre-17th century Europe. That’s a gargantuan project because there are TEN BILLION examples, and because I’m completely psychotic I want to be thorough. I’m gathering data right now, and my hope is to present a timeline of my findings visually both in magazine-printable form for outlets such as the Compleat Anachronist and also as a panoramic poster print because I feel like people would be interested in taking it to indoor events and using it as an educational tool. Or if that’s too lofty a goal, they can roll it up and use it to beat reason into those who have none.


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