Yule Gown: One Day Left

I finished the applique yesterday, so it seems incorrect to use that title anymore. I was working on the sleeves today. I originally wanted to do a green silk sleeve that started above the elbow, with slashes at the elbow, extending over the hands a few inches. I got it cut and it was just too plain next to the rest of the gown, so I did plain silk gauntlets with slashes. The slashes looked a little boring, so I punctuated each slash with a gold glass bead. I like the effect, but I’m having trouble keeping the tiny puffs puffed. There are 15 slashes on each sleeve, which makes a total of 60 little puffies that don’t want to all puff at the same time.

I finished one gauntlet entirely. The other one is constructed and the slashes cut, but I need to turn down the slashes so they don’t fray, and add the puffs and beads, and hopefully I’ll still have time to let the hem down a little. I’m also working briefly tomorrow, which takes two hours out of my day, and I’m meeting the rest of the group to put together our sweet and savory baroque hot chocolates for Yule, which includes shopping, cooking, tasting, etc. That’ll definitely be a several-hours process, although some of that time may allow for hand sewing.


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