Day Twenty-Two: Hunting Scene Applique

The appliques are done, and the band is attached to the skirt! Yay!

The hem of the skirt is a bit shorter than I thought, and I’m not sure if that’s because I tried it on in a hurry or because I tried it on tired, but the end result is that it sits about at the ankles instead of going to the floor, and I’m a little upset about that. I might take down the hem just an inch or two, which will put the band a little off the floor, but that’s period for both German and Italian styles.

I went to go take the seashell bands off the gauntlets, only to discover that I did the lacing loops after the band, which means that if I want to take the band off, I also need to start over with the lacing. The gauntlets weren’t quite right anyway, so I’m going to adjust the design of the sleeves to about a decade later (altering dresses to keep up with the times being totally period), to a 1514 style sleeve. To do this I’m going to create a sleeve portion out of green that will attach to the current sleeve upper, balloon over the elbow, and extend down past the wrist. I’m not sure how the lower sleeve closed, but the sketch I’m looking at shows a very narrow band at the narrowest point of the wrist, which I suspect is a tie. I’m going to make it a tie in any case. I’m going to do the sleeve lowers on the machine, and possibly add an additional band of green silk higher on the arm, as was the style.

Additional embroidery is at this point looking somewhat unlikely.


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