Day Twenty: Hunting Scene Applique

Today I stitched the front of the band and the back of the band together, so it can no longer be gracefully photographed. I also finished the remaining dogs (yay!) and foolishly thought I’d have time to do the two trees which sit over the side seams. I keep doing the simple animals and getting cocky, but those trees take a billion years apiece. I’m half a tree from eternal freedom, leaving only stitching the band to the hem of the skirt and doing bands on the sleeves, whatever that will end up looking like. Tomorrow I have home chores to do in the morning and work from 2:30 to 8ish, so my work time is a little bit limited, but I should be able to get some good work done.

I also dug out my green leather gloves today, which are similar to period leather gloves but not exact. They are a much lighter color than the green of the dress but I think it’ll be a nice accessory anyway. I also attached one of my pearl necklaces (of which I have six or seven… it’s a sickness) to a gold costume pendant my dad gave me. It’s a gold cross with a large green center stone. I think it’s glass, which is fine. The style of the cross is not period, but only the really well-educated people will notice, so I’ve decided it falls under acceptable creative license.

It’s also just now come to my notice that there is a Bard of Dreiburgen contest happening at Yule. I’ll have to see if I can come up with something short and festive for the occasion.


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