Day Nineteen: Hunting Scene Applique

It was looking like I wasn’t going to be going to Yule, so I switched to other projects, but now it looks like we are going… so I have to catch up, pronto!

I have four full days before Yule, with Yule itself starting at noon on the fifth day. I don’t want to be sewing in the morning if I can at all help it, and I’m working every day between now and then except Friday.

Last night I finished hemming the skirt, which was horribly too long before. Today I finished a tree, added two hawks, and the first of the greyhounds. I was debating whether to do two different types of dogs, but I’ve decided to just do four greyhounds. I like the shape of how they’re presented in period.

I need to be completely finished with the appliques by Thursday night, so I can spend all day Friday, if necessary, affixing the border to the skirt, and adding the (blank) green trim to the sleeves. That shouldn’t be a problem, but deadlines make me antsy, so I won’t really relax until I’m completely finished.


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