Christmas! Peace-Love-Harmony Scarf

I took a break from working on the Yule hunting gown thinking we wouldn’t be able to go, but suddenly it looks like we are going, so I have to catch up!

Yesterday I worked on a Christmas present for my mom, a flannel scarf with cotton and silk applique.

I chose peace-love-harmony for my mom’s scarf because that’s her “thing.” She founded a music school called Harmony Music and she’s been talking to me for a while about designing a tee shirt for the school with those words or these symbols. It took me two tries to get the right part of the embroidery motif on the heart, and this isn’t what I’d originally hoped for, but I like the simplicity, especially in contrast with the busier pattern on the peace sign. I know my mom is going to LOVE this, and I can’t wait to give it to her.

The peace sign is printed 100% cotton outlined in dark green thread. The heart is machine-embroidered gold silk on a larger green silk heart, the latter of which is the same fabric as the eighth notes. This is also the green fabric I used for my appliqued bands for the hunting gown.

I’m not sure exactly how long this took me, but it was pretty straightforward, especially after all the recent applique work I’ve been doing. I spent a good part of yesterday evening doing the applique and then today I stitched up the sides in no time. I love the flannel. It feels really good, and it’s extra long so it can be worn a couple different ways.

The flannel is part of a disused sheet which had been set aside to be recycled. The appliques are made from scraps I had lying around.


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