Day 3: Hunting Scene Applique

Today I decided to start on the center back, because I got this crazy feeling like it would be better to work front and back together rather than one and then the other. The center back is going to be the hunter himself, astride his noble horse, loosing his falcon.

You can see how much of that actually got done today…

The horse was a bit difficult, because he’s really curvy, rather than having corners, which are a little bit quicker. Trying to tuck and re-tuck to get the curve of his bottom, neck, and nose were all really challenging. I cut out the rider, but decided to wait until tomorrow for that. I’m a little bit ahead based on what’s done in the front, but I’ll need to get ahead again to keep the stress level down.

It doesn’t really show in the photo, but the horse is not white like the stag, but a richer tan. I wanted to differentiate between horse and rider to avoid an awkward silhouette, and I wanted to differentiate between the horse and the stag, and keep the stag as the shining white, matching the woods, with the horse a bit less pure, less matching. I’m undecided about whether to make the hounds white or tan, but I have enough fabric for either. The terriers ought to have spots, as that’s usually how they’re depicted in period art.


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