Day 1: Hunting Scene Applique

I’ve decided that in time for Yule (Dec 3rd), I’ll modify the German gown I JUST finished making, removing the seashell parts and adding dark green silk bands embellished with a hunting scene. I decided this a few weeks ago and then never did anything about it, other than making a really detailed sketch of the intended design and then promptly losing it.

With the time I have left before Yule, I have time for neither bead embroidery nor traditional embroidery. I decided to try a technique I’ve never ever tried before (because that’ll be way faster, right?): applique. There are apparently a lot of period ways to do applique, but specifically I’m doing needle-turn applique. The basic technique is to sketch out the design on the applique fabric, cut it out with a bit of a seam allowance, and then stitch it onto the base fabric, turning the seam allowance under with your needle. In general, this is going well. I’m still kind of sucking at corners, of which my design has a ton.

I’m also doing just a touch of actual embroidery, adding golden antlers to the deer because I wasn’t about to try to applique something that tiny and intricate.

In order to be done in time for Yule, I need to applique about 4 lateral inches a day (for just the skirt hem section, which is most important). When it’s all done, I also need to stitch it onto the skirt, preferably by hand, both because I’m sewing silk and because everything else is by hand, so it would suck to have to machine it. So I probably only need to do one applique per day in order to get what I need done, but I’m trying to do more to get ahead of the curve.

At the end of yesterday (day 1 of 23), this is what was done:
And as usual, my materials are reclaimed. The white fabric is a muslin taken from a rough draft of a tunic that didn’t fit correctly, and the green is a silk that I made into super-long salvar but because of the nonbreathability, they did this weird balloony thing that was unflattering and uncomfortable, and the constant rustling of the silk drove me nuts, and even though they’re period, they drove me nuts and I never wore them.


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