Ariel Gown Complete

I meant to get this up yesterday but everyone was exhausted and hot and pictures didn’t end up getting back to me until this afternoon. I ended up lying down for a “one hour” nap around 8:30 last night, but when Connor tried to wake me he said I wasn’t having any of it. I got up around midnight and started designing my next project.

But I’m getting ahead of myself!

I did finish the Ariel gown in time for Anniversary. I didn’t have time to add additional bead embroidery, because I lost my focused attention skills completely in the home stretch, and about two hours of work ended up taking the better part of Friday to do.

Thanks to Nayo for the photo

When I got to the event I found out there was no official judging for the costume contest, but guests of the event were invited to give a sticker to the person they felt had the best costume. Most of the people I talked to had either already given their stickers away, or hadn’t been given stickers at all. Connor and Nayo didn’t get stickers, and had to go ask for them.

Anyway, I didn’t win, but the people who did see my entry and came up to ask about it were very kind and people seemed impressed.

I ended up having to get dressed onsite (so I wasn’t trying to help set up in garb… ick), and the park’s version of “somewhere to change” ended up being small bathroom stalls. The stalls were fitted with overhead lights, but all the wiring had been stolen, so they were pitch black. I ended up dressing myself with no mirror, in a small room, in the dark, which took a pretty ridiculous amount of time but went better than it could have.

All in all, the dress held up and looked fine, although the hem obviously is too long. I’ll need to fix that before I wear it again, but it wasn’t that big a deal because I was holding the hem up most of the time to keep from dragging in the grass or tripping me anyway.

The dress overall was comfortable, although our 90 degree October (wtf, California?) let me know that this dress is NOT to be worn in above room temperature conditions for long. I ended up not marshaling at all, both because I needed to be out talking people out of their hard-earned stickers and standing in the sun gave the distinct sensation of being inside a plastic bag.

I also competed in the Shakespearean bardic, which went fairly well. I was able to convince people to sing along with me, and I got a lot of compliments (and a mention in closing court) but I didn’t win that either.

I’m planning to remove the seashell embroidery bands and add some embroidered dark green silk at the hem of the skirt and on the sleeves. I’m working on a design for traditional or bead embroidery with a stag hunting scene. More on that later.


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