ONE Day Left

In 27 hours, the event autocrat will be outside my door, and it’ll be off to site to set up. In addition to working today, I finished and affixed both sleeves, completed and affixed the embroidered band for the lower sleeve on one side, and finished the meeting edges of that sleeve. I also finished the beading all the way around the neckline, which looks ok considering I’m really new at the beading thing, but I think it looks like a first project. I can always change it out or fix it later though.

I also learned the Shakespeare song I wrote, all twelve verses, to about 90% memorization. I need to practice a bit more tomorrow to get totally fluid, but I’m feeling really good about it. I’ve never participated in any kind of official bardic competition. I was planning to perform a song I’d written several years ago and ended up being offsite dealing with an urgent group issue during the contest, and a woman from another camp stopped by to thank me for not participating. She explained that I was a much better singer than her, but because I’d failed to show up, she’d won.

And that was a million years ago, and that… woman… isn’t even in the SCA anymore, and even if she was she doesn’t play in my barony, and even if she did I’m not some kid that can get pushed around by the likes of her anymore. I’d actually forgotten all about it, but I just had this weird feeling of hesitation about entering and then it came up all of a sudden.

So anyway, I’m mostly good to go on the song, and the dress is coming along. Tomorrow is 100% for sewing, and what I have left is:

  • hem the skirt. It’s already straight, so it’ll be a quick thing (no fussing with the shape or anything) but it’s too long. (machine)
  • finish the gauntlet sleeve I’ve started on, start and finish the gauntlet I haven’t started on at all.
  • practice my song
  • figure out what’s happening with my hair. I’m going to borrow a straw hat for shade, but I need to plan my hair, and I won’t want to wear the straw for the costume competition, so I’ll need some kind of coordinating head piece.
  • If possible, bead and attach bands for the upper sleeves along the hem. I estimate it would be about four hours of beading, which means it’s totally possible assuming my hands don’t give out earlier in the day, but I’m not holding my breath.

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