And then I broke it…

Everything was coming along swimmingly for the German gown until I put the sleeves on. Then I realized the left sleeve is so tight over the chemise that it gave the distinct impression that I’d lose feeling in my arm during an all-day event. Then when I tried to remove the garment, I heard that terrifying ripping sound all costumers dread, and found that one of the sleeves had been attached a few inches more toward the front than the other (since both were open at the arm pits, that affects movement). And that one had popped a seam.

So now I’m removing the sleeves to add lacing to them so I can loosen and tighten based on the needs of the chemise, which isn’t precisely period for a new garment but it IS period to adjust a garment based on changes in body. It would be MORE period to simply add a strip of the same fabric, which would result in two underarm seams, but it’s not like that would make a lot of difference because I’m not going to be doing a lot of jumping jacks… so… that might be what happens next. Then I’ll need to reattach the upper sleeves in a way that makes me at LEAST as flexible as a classic Barbie doll. I’m not entirely sure yet how and/or whether that’s going to happen, but what I did before made it a Herculean effort to touch my own shoulders, and that’s unreasonably restrictive. I’m marshaling. There is actually a chance, however slight, that I’ll be called upon to make use of my body for something other than looking fabulous.

I also still need to do the whole of the lower sleeves, which I was going to do last night, but my dress decided to try to subsist exclusively on sewing machine needles, and I broke THREE needles in about five minutes, at which point I wanted to throw the dress and the machine out a window, rent a movie, and spend Saturday hiding under the covers. At that point I decided that I was done sewing for the night, and very calmly, in an adult, non-defenestrating manner, put my sewing stuff away and sat down with the computer to research my Shakespeare song. And then my neighborhood lost internet for several hours. At which point I wanted to throw my dress, sewing machine, AND laptop out a window, rent a movie, and spend the whole rest of the week hiding under the covers.

Instead I spent about two hours playing Rosetta Stone, and I felt better. In Spanish.

Tonight I was going to get up early and sew, and instead I slept in almost until it was time to leave for work (which is saying something, because I work with kids. After school). After work I had a surprise photography client, which is fantastic because it means I can afford to pay for some repairs I just had done on my good sewing machine (and by “just” I mean I think there was a different president when I dropped my machine off for a “two day” service job). But it also means I haven’t touched my projects today at ALL. And right now I’m actually further behind than I was yesterday. Before Saturday morning at 8am, I still need to:

  • resize my upper sleeves
  • reattach my upper sleeves
  • hem underarms in the not-attached-to-each-other areas
  • adjust the right side of my bodice neckline so my boobs stop looking lopsided
  • sew lower sleeves, add lacing, etc
  • hem/bead neckline.
  • bead/trim sleeves
  • create a snood with ribbon & pearls.
  • write & learn my Shakespeare song

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