Unexpected Sewing Tool: Nesting Eggs

I’m mostly a photographer, and last Easter season I picked up a set of oversized plastic nesting Easter eggs as a prop. I haven’t actually used them for photography ONCE, but I’ve used the various sized eggs for MANY sewing and costuming purposes, including

  1. Orange Egg: The orange egg has a 12″ circumference, and is full of buttons. There’s a prize inside!
  2. Green Egg: My green egg has a 16.4″ circumference, and is the PERFECT size for forming miniature hats (on the round side). I open the eggs and use just the round size as my hat form, which is extra awesome because the the round side is the “female” side, and it has a series of evenly spaced slots which I can use for anchor pins to keep the felt in place as it sets.
  3. Pink Egg: With a 21.5 circumference, the pink egg hasn’t been particularly useful YET, but it’s BRIGHT and PINK so I give it a place to live anyway.
  4. Yellow Egg: 24.5″ makes this egg pretty freaking big (it’s 31″ around on the oblong) and it’s already been useful twice today. First, I pulled the sleeve puff over the round side to spread out the material in three dimensions, because spreading them out in two dimensions was NOT happening. This allowed me to make even markings without guesswork. Yay! I also realized I needed to hold a bunch of layers basically flat, with both hands involved, without sewing my sleeve to my lap. Voila! Egg is hard plastic. I can’t accidentally sew it to my eggThis is the best $2 Michaels purchase EVER. If not for its originally intended purpose, then for many others. The Captiane can’t figure out why I have Easter decorations out in October, but he doesn’t sew, so I forgive him.

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