Poofy sleeves are poofy.

I spent almost the whole day sewing. Other than a quick walk this morning and a dinner break, I was occupied with sewing pretty much ALL day.

Unfortunately it was mostly stuff that a sewing machine would have complicated, so it was all by hand. I finished both upper sleeves, minus trim. Both sleeves have five slashes with permanent poufs. The sleeve is ready to be lined and stitched to the bodice. I’m concerned about how long it’s taken, but also pleased that I’ve made the progress I did. A few hours were burned up in figuring out how I was going to do the slashing, but after that it was fairly quick to do each one, it was just that there were ten of them.

So this is what I have to show for my day. Two poofy sleeves with slashing.

Looking at the original design, I’m realizing that it really is a metric ton of trim, and I might decide to start tomorrow on construction, and add trim to the finished garment as time allows rather than trimming before construction, as would have been my preference.

My schedule for the remaining days:

Tomorrow – full day available
Sunday – busy
Monday – Thursday semi-busy
Friday – full day available (I think…)
Saturday – Anniversary

If I get the whole dress built tomorrow (now that the sleeves are done) I can add trim symmetrically to the finished gown until I run out of time. If I work on trim first, I risk waking up the morning of the event with beautiful, masterfully completed sleeves and nothing else.


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