German Gown Part II: IT’S SO FLUFFY!

Today I spent some time gathering and stitching the first of my puffy, puffy German sleeves. I’m actually a little conflicted about whether to add the slashing, because it looks ok without, but I probably will, because that was the plan, and ok isn’t EPIC.

There’s a part of me that’s completely against these because they’re so puffy and 90s and horrifying.

And there’s a smaller, quieter part of me that’s like, “OMG I GET THE ARIEL DRESS.”

And I’m choosing to go with that part, because then instead of choosing to wear something that’s been recycled recently enough to be identifiable as “passe” rather than “historical,” I’m giving my inner child her heart’s fondest wish.

Artist’s rendering, Ariel dress. All traditional folk tale characters and their likenesses are trademarks of the Disney Corporation.

On a more pragmatic note, my progress today has consisted of gathering one sleeve poof and stitching the bottom of the poof to the sleeve proper. I still have to gather and attach the other poof, attach the sleeve uppers to the bodice (which has also not been sewn), cut and stitch the skirt, and sew the forearm bits of the sleeve. And add the slashing. And the trim. And the banding on the sleeves. And of course all the hems and eyelets and stuff.

And theoretically this is all happening in the next eight days. Tomorrow my entire schedule consists of waiting for a plumber so my apartment has a toilet again, which leaves me plenty of time to sew, and Saturday I’ll be stuck at home by myself, so that’s another huge block of time. I can almost certainly get all the construction seams done tomorrow, which leaves me a week exactly to do the bands, and the trim, and the hems, and the eyelets, and the beading. And theoretically that’s TOTALLY possible.


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