And then I had stuff to do!

I’m getting really, really close to finishing my 1670 corset, so of course I decided to add a ton of new projects to my to-do list. And this time, none of them are for me!

Master Donal needs new tunics before Great Western War, so I’m going to be making at least two new tunics for him, and he’s keeping my fridge stocked with home-made wonderfulsauce, and I’ve sent him off to figure out a recipe for brandied lemonade with mango in it. I totally win in this deal.

Today he dropped off a bottle of brandied lemonade, a bottle of vodka lemonade (something like Mike’s Hard Lemonade), and fabric for two tunics. We’re doing a white muslin undertunic and a green cotton overtunic, and based on his measurements it looks like a lot of tunic patterns that are based around the shoulder width would not fit properly at the waist without significantly modifying the cut in a weird way. That sounds like it would look bad, so I’m looking at a couple pattern layouts where the gores go all the way up to the armpits. He mentioned that the tunics he has do that, so it should be good. If I’d been just a little bit more on my game I’d have asked him to bring over a finished tunic he likes so I could just copy the construction directly, but this will be fine.

I also took on the task of sewing five skirts for another friend, plus designing a compromise between Pakistani fashion and American officewear, which I’ll then be creating for her. It’s moments like this I wish I had a screen printer, but I’m thinking there might need to be some applique action happening.

So I’m finishing my corset, sewing two or three tunics, and doing at least five skirts. Some of this is on a deadline and some of it isn’t, but none of it is going to take a whole lot of time.

Except the corset.


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