Back from War

September 1-5 I was at Caid’s Highland War, an SCA event near Victorville, CA. Here I got some actual decent photos of some of my new garb, and tested the mettle of all of it. Some of which went better than others. The leaf clasps I altered to use as closures on my autumn entari have very few anchor points, and during wear one came off entirely and another one came significantly loose. I’ll have to find a more effective way to attach them so I don’t have to keep a needle and thread with me every time I wear it.

This is me in my green entari (construction notes), scrunchy-sleeve gomlek, and loose black pants. These pants are not salvar, but just some generic baggy pants that are really nice in the hot weather. I’m also wearing a metal medallion belt, a string of small pearls, and a patterned head wrap. The head wrap isn’t really right for a Turkish woman of the time, but I don’t have a tarpus made yet, and this keeps my hair from going nuts in the wind.


Here is Luc in his Roman slave tunic (construction notes here and here). He has belted the tunic with a thick rope belt, which is a bit more stylized than accurate, but that’s ok, because the whole garment is a little more stylized than accurate.

I still need to photograph my sailcloth pants and black “ren” shirt, but since I inadvertently left my sailcloth pants sitting on my sewing table, I wasn’t able to wear them this weekend at all.

There are five or six items that need minor repairs after the event (popped seams, lost buttons, etc) and after that I’m hoping to finish my 1670 corset once and for all.


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