Highland Packing Tomorrow

Today was the absolute last day for any kind of sewing for Highland War. I was trying to work like mad last night, but my sewing machine was acting up, and today I still couldn’t get it right, so I ended up borrowing a sewing machine for the evening. The absolutely lovely, generous, and altogether wonderful lady who lent me her machine, however, could only spare it JUST for tonight: she needs it in the morning.

I got home at about 8pm, with a sewing machine just for the night, and still needed, at minimum, to finish Connor’s Egyptian galabeya, cut and hem Luc’s Roman slave tunic, and completely pattern, cut, sew, trim, etc my codpiece for the theme party. No problem.

Oddly, I was able to get ALL of that done, PLUS I made a pair of upcycled pirate pants from an old canvas Navy laundry sack, and the pants, to my delight, took about 30 minutes total.

Tomorrow I drop off the sewing machine, mail in my car registration so I don’t have to pay late fees, meet the crew for pre-war packing and last-minute food acquisition, go to work, come home, pack OUR stuff, print out the stuff I need for my games & gambling class, and hopefully get in contact with a client I’m supposed to hear back from, so I can figure out whether I need to drive back Saturday to work, and what that’s going to look like.

I promise there will be photos of all the finished stuff next week when I get back.


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